OUR GOAL: The goal of the Brotherhood is to define roles, responsibilities which spiritually and emotionally prepare men for leadership and service in their family, relationships, church and community.

Family Stability

The principal objective in ensuring family stability will be through:
1.  Establishing man's position in the home, family, and relation- ships according to God's written Word.

2.  Teaching effective Communications Skills in order for men to:
a. Explain and maintain his position in the home and family.
b. Establish and communicate the roles and responsibilities of other family members.
c. Resolve conflicts in a positive manner.

3.  Providing a Comfort Zone of support for men to:
Discuss personal and (or) family relationship problems utilizing Christian counselors.
Provide workshops and seminars based on identified needs.

Provide specific workshops which address crisis situations:
a. Domestic, family, and relationships violence
b. Divorce and its impact on the family and relationships
c. Job loss and its emotional impact on the family.
d. Pride and self-esteem.
e. Male Sexuality, Intimacy, Respect, and Responsibility.
f. Secular world's impact on the Christian man.

4.  Addressing health issues, Mentally, Spiritually and Physically, in order for men and their families to maintain healthy lifestyles.

Community Service
The main objective as related to community service is to:

1. Promote active participation in existing community service projects undertaken by the church.
2. Present a physical presence of the church serving the various needs of the community in a non-church environment.
3. Work cooperatively with existing community service groups.
4. Design specific community service projects:

"How To" workshops.
Mentoring and Single-Parent programs.
Home maintenance assistance for the elderly.
Black men in the schools.

Training Manual

Suggested Topics of Discussion include:
Biblical Principals for men.
Effective Money Management.
Dealing with Anger (Domestic, Family, and Relationship Violence).
Health (Physical and Mental).

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