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The Brookland Baptist Church, located in the West Columbia and Northeast Columbia communities, is an anointed Christian “family” serving the spiritual and social needs of God’s people. Our purpose is to function as servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. By serving in and through the church, we partner with the Pastor in enabling the church to “Proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Evangelism, Education and Economic Empowerment.”

Vision statement

We, the Deacons of Brookland Baptist Church, feel led of the Lord to demonstrate our service as His disciples by utilizing our individual gifts and abilities to meet specific needs within the congregation. We know that Jesus came to serve and as deacons, we must be willing to serve:  “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:28)

Team Justification

The justification for the "Team Concept" is based on the biblical model for the church as expressed in 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 -- where it is taught that the church operates like the human body. The body has many members and they work as a unit to follow the directions of the brain (Jesus Christ). Every member is connected to the others in such a way that what it does contributes to the overall health of the body.

We are also reminded that "Teams" belong to a mission-driven environment which empowers members and others to complete the mission of the church.  Therefore, our deacons ministry is divided into the following teams:

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Deacon A. J. Linen

Deacon Acy Suber, Jr.

Deacon Andre Lewis

Deacon Arnold Benson

Deacon Benjamin Washington

Deacon Billie Pharr

Deacon Carl Dunn

Deacon Carlos Moses

Deacon Chester Myers

Deacon Clyde Lawer

Deacon Curley Brown

Deacon Dale Collier

Deacon Dave Mitchell

Deacon David Moore

Deacon Dennis Breeland

Deacon Dennis Dudley

Deacon Donald Turner

Deacon Eric Coleman

Deacon Frank Bell

Deacon Frank Dantzler

Deacon George Holmes

Deacon Harold Reed

Deacon Harry Jivers

Deacon Hayward Greene

Deacon Jake Sello

Deacon James McQueen

Deacon Jamie Suber

Deacon Jeremiah Jamison

Deacon Jerome Bracey

Deacon Jimmy Garvin

Deacon John Dublin

Deacon Larry Cartledge

Deacon Lenell Geter

Deacon Lenzo Kohn, Jr.

Deacon Leon E. Hines

Deacon Leon Williams

Deacon Leverette Williams

Deacon Malcolm Woods

Deacon Mark Jones

Deacon Michael Harris

Deacon Michael Keels

Deacon Michael Williams

Deacon Nathaniel Stewart

Deacon Oliver Williams

Deacon Oscar McKnight

Deacon Randy Davis

Deacon Raymond Perkins

Deacon Richard Cunningham

Deacon Robert Gardner

Deacon Robert Rhinehart

Deacon Ronald Richmond

Deacon Sammie Grant

Deacon Thomas Daniels

Deacon Thomas Johnson

Deacon Tyrone Brown

Deacon Van Johnson

Deacon Walter Priester

Deacon Wilbert Baker

Deacon William Bethea

Deacon William Randolph

Deacon Willie Morgan