WEEK of APRIL 21, 2024


It is with Sadness that we announce the following Loss of Loved Ones:

Ms. Stella Graham in the passing of her brother, Mr. Samuel Graham of Charleston, SC.

Ms. Mosetta Sullivan in the passing of her son (Mr. Timmie Patterson).

Ms. Stephanie Lawrence in the passing of her mother, Mrs. Sylvia Allen-Outz.  Her services will be held on Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 11:00am at Brookland Baptist Church - West Campus. 

The FAMILY of former employee Mr. Rudy Baker.  "Mr. Fix It" Rudy served in our Maintenance Department for several years until his illness prevented him from working. 

Special Prayer

  1. Ms. Wanda Harris 
  2. Brother John Jumper 
  3. Mr. Simon Simmons - husband of Mrs. Earline Simmons
  4. Teliko Smith and Family
  5. Ms. Connie Smith
  6. Ms. Connie Harrison
  7. Deacon Herbert and Deaconess Rhudine Williams
  8. Deacon James and Deaconess Jeanette McQueen
  9. Mr. Davon Johnson - nephew of Betty Gortman 
  10. Ms. JoAnn Wise
  11. Mrs. Dorothy Haggins - mother of Estelle Randolph & Patricka Haggins 
  12. Mrs. Michelle Pack
  13. Ms. Mary Ann Brown
  14. Ms. Artise Irvin
  15. Ms. Martha Alston - mother of Dr. Peggy Grant
  16. Ms. Shirley Reed
  17. Ms. Betty Riley
  18. Mr. Alfred Watson - uncle of Ms. Linda Davis
  19. Mr. Nathaniel Davis - father of Ms. Linda Davis
  20. Sister Elizabeth Small
  21. Mr. Corey Hunter - son of Ms. Shirley Hunter
  22. Brother Albert Johnson


  1. Deacon Prentis Percell
  2. Mr. Robert Honore’
  3. Ms. Angel Ashford Gordon
  4. Ms. Eloise Black
  5. Ms. Katherine Lykes
  6. Ms. Khadijah Sutton
  7. Ms. Terry Ragin                                   sister of Ms. Karen Henry
  8. Sister Bettye Foggie
  9. Sister Willodean Dreher                
  10. Ms. Rose Ann Parsons                          sister-in-law of Ms. Lisa Gadsden
  11. Ms. Rani Gonzales                                Virginia Beach, VA
  12. Brother Carlton Harris  
  13. Sister Doriska Ravenel               
  14. Ms. Ann Scott
  15. Sister Rebecca Blue
  16. Mr. Archie Lee
  17. Ms. Sylvia Spruill
  18. Mr. James Anthony Day
  19. Mr. Robert Williams, Jr.                        uncle of Wanda Bennett
  20. Ms. Kia Gainous                                  niece of Deacon Acy Suber, Jr.
  21. Ms. Barbara Green
  22. Deacon Frank Dantzler