WEEK of June 26, 2022


Mrs. Sonya (Joey) Out's and family in the passing of her aunt (Mrs. Gwendolyn Brunson).  Services were held on Thursday, at the Oak Grove Baptist Church, Elgin, SC. 

Ms. Betty Adams and family in the passing of her sister (Mrs. Gwendell Jones Fogg).  Services will be held on Friday, July 1st at Leevy's Taylor Street Chapel, 1:00pm

Ms. Malissa McNairy and family in the passing of her niece (Mrs. Venetta Starks Mills). Graveside services will be held on Tuesday, July 5th, 11:00am, Fort Jackson National Cemetery. 

Special Prayer

  1. Ms. Wanda Harris 
  2. Brother John Jumper 
  3. Sister Mimie and daughter Sophia Holmes Vehicle accident 
  4. Mr. Simon Simmons - husband of Mrs. Earline Simmons
  5. Mr. Joseph Dawson - brother of Deaconess Maria (Leverette) Williams and Sister Jettie Jones
  6. Mr. Clarence Glymph - brother of Essie and George Glymph
  7. Deaconess Lela Washington
  8. Mrs. Fannie Outen
  9. Teliko Smith - lost both parents within 6-months
  10. Mrs. Barbara Graham - sister-in-law of Ms. Eunice Graham
  11. Deacon Larry Cartledge
  12. Sister Connie Brown - Roselle, NJ - scheduled for surgery
  13. Eau Claire High School staff and students


  1. Deacon Prentis Percell
  2. Mr. Robert Honore’
  3. Ms. Angel Ashford Gordon
  4. Ms. Eloise Black
  5. Ms. Katherine Lykes
  6. Ms. Khadijah Sutton
  7. Ms. Terry Ragin                                   sister of Ms. Karen Henry
  8. Sister Bettye Foggie
  9. Sister Willodean Dreher                
  10. Mr. Henry Hall                                     brother of Hazel Hall
  11. Ms. Rose Ann Parsons                          sister-in-law of Ms. Lisa Gadsden
  12. Sister Estelle Pauling
  13. Mr. David and Ms. Ly Gonzales              McAllen, Texas
  14. Ms. Rani Gonzales                                Virginia Beach, VA
  15. Rev. Alfreddie Williams
  16. Mr. Clint Flemming                               brother-in-law of Artise Irvin
  17. Ms. Deborah Moody
  18. Sister Elaine Dunbar
  19. Rev. Robert Jeffcoat
  20. Brother Carlton Harris
  21. Mr. Robert Henderson
  22. Ms. LaShawn Niles                               daughter of Shirley Henry  
  23. Deacon Rastapari Hailstock
  24. Sister Doriska Ravenel 
  25. Ms. Beverly Bailey Lyons                 
  26. Ms. Ann Scott
  27. Ms. Sylvia Sprueil
  28. Ms. Marchelle Taggert