Death (s)

  • Ms. Dorothy Hopkins and family in the passing of her mother (Mrs. Jannie Shealy). Services were held on Saturday, Leevy’s Taylor Street Chapel. 
  • Mr. Lincoln Lawton and family in the passing of his aunt (Mrs. Mary E. Lawton). She was laid to rest on Monday in the Lincoln Cemetery.
  • Ms. Frarzia Johnson and family in the untimely death of her father (Mr. Mack Johnson). Services were held on Monday, 1:00 PM, in Florence, SC.
  • Mr. Dwight Jackson, Sr. and family in the passing of his mother (Mrs. Vivian Williams Jackson) who was also the mother-in-law of Ms. Brendan Jackson; services were held on Friday, October 8th, 11:00 AM, at the Zion Canaan Baptist Church.
  • Ms. Renita Reed and family in the passing of her aunt (Mrs. Annie Gilchrist). Services will be held on Sunday, today, 1:30 pm; at the Dunham Temple CME Church, Greenwood, SC.
  • Mrs. Doretha Godfrey and family in the passing of her mother (Mrs. Esther Johnson). Services will be held on Thursday, October 14th, 2:00 pm, at the New Friendship Freewill Baptist Church, Kingstree, SC.
  • Ms. Gail Reese, daughters and family in the sudden and unexpected passing of brother Calvin Reese. Services are incomplete.
  • Sister Eleanor Briggs and family in the passing of her brother (Mr. Milton Thacker). Services are incomplete.
  • Deacon Michael Williams and family in the passing of his brother (Mr. Brian Williams) of Cayce, SC. Services are incomplete.
  • The family of Ms. Julia Nelson whose services are scheduled for Thursday, October 14th at 2nd Nazareth Baptist Church.


Sick / Special Prayer

  1. Deacon Prentis Percell
  2. Mr. Robert Honore’
  3. Ms. Angel Ashford Gordon
  4. Ms. Eloise Black
  5. Ms. Katherine Lykes
  6. Ms. Khadijah Sutton
  7. Ms. Terry Ragin sister of Ms. Karen Henry
  8. Sister Bettye Foggie
  9. Sister Geraldine Grisette recovering from a severe car accident
  10. Sister Willodean Dreher
  11. Brother James Lawton
  12. Mr. Henry Hall brother of Hazel Hall
  13. Ms. Shelley Williams
  14. Ms. Fannie Jones and son Mr. Mark A. Jones
  15. Sister Bettye Funderburk
  16. Ms. Rose Ann Parsons sister-in-law of Ms. Lisa Gadsden
  17. Sister Estelle Pauling
  18. Ms. Augustine Heyward
  19. Mr. Oliver Shaw (Hartford, Conn.) brother-in-law of Norma Blocker
  20. Destiny Long infant daughter of Ms. Ebony Wade Long and granddaughter of Beverly Wade Brown
  21. Ms. Anita Bethea sister-in-law of Deacon William Bethea
  22. Ms. Gail Samuels
  23. Ms. Ja-Nae Epps
  24. Mr. David and Ms. Ly Gonzales McAllen, Texas
  25. Ms. Rani Gonzales Virginia Beach, VA
  26. Rev. Alfreddie Williams
  27. Mr. Clint Flemming brother-in-law of Artise Irvin
  28. Mr. Clinton Rose husband of Mrs. Jennifer Campbell Rose and son-in-law of Trustee Julia Campbell
  29. Mrs. Ruth Green (Oklahoma City) oldest sister of Janie Story
  30. Mr. Everette Frederick
  31. Mr. Cardell Williams nephew of Deacon Curley Brown
  32. Ms. Deborah Moody
  33. Little Miss Ta’Jai Brewington granddaughter of Sandy and Stacy McCray
  34. Mr. Edward Abraham oldest brother of Geraldine Abraham
  35. Ms. Carla Profit daughter of Bessie Profit
  36. Sister Elaine Dunbar
  37. Ms. Brenda Middleton sister of brother Ernest Middleton
  38. Ms. Christi Jones niece of Linda Epps
  39. Deaconess Jacqueline Stewart
  40. Ms. Marchell Taggert cousin of Sharon Rice-Brown
  41. Rev. Robert Jeffcoat
  42. Please note the following requests for sister Desire’e Mutcherson-Peacock and family as they mourn the loss of 3-cousins; an uncle in ICU; 3 aunts all extremely ill and 2 young adults from her home church in Tampa, Florida.