WEEK OF January 23, 2022


Death (s)

  • Ms. Loretta Franklin-Green, Ms. Lois Franklin and family in the passing of Loretta’s son (Mr. Jerome Franklin) also the grandson of Ms. Lois Franklin. Services were held on Tuesday, January 18th at Brookland Baptist West. 
  • Ms. Deloris Anthony and family in the passing of her niece (Ms. Shawn Romey). Services are scheduled for Tuesday, January 25th at Emmanuel Church (Blue Ridge Terrace). 
  • Mr. Robert (Doris) Brown and family in the passing of their nephew (Mr. Ronn Johnson). Services are scheduled for Springfield, MA. 
    Ms. Gwen Dervin and family in the passing of her daughter (Ms. Catherine McKnight). She is also the sister of Ms. Denise Dervin Buckner. Services are scheduled for Monday, January 24th at Southland Memorial Gardens. 
    Ms. Jacquetta Chatman and family in the passing of her father (Mr. Jack Mace). Graveside services are scheduled for Monday, 12noon, Salem United Methodist Church, Florence, SC. 
  • Ms. Jimmie Nell Wise and family in the passing of her son (Mr. David Brown). Services were held on Wednesday at the Word of God Church.


Sick / Special Prayer 

Special Prayer 

  1. Deacon Prentis Percell 
  2. Mr. Robert Honore’ 
  3. Ms. Angel Ashford Gordon 
  4. Ms. Eloise Black 
  5. Ms. Katherine Lykes 
  6. Ms. Khadijah Sutton 
  7. Ms. Terry Ragin  sister of Ms. Karen Henry 
  8. Sister Bettye Foggie 
  9. Sister Geraldine Grisette  recovering from a severe car accident 
  10. Sister Willodean Dreher  
  11. Mr. Henry Hall brother of Hazel Hall 
  12. Ms. Shelley Williams 
  13. Ms. Fannie Jones and son Mr. Mark A. Jones 
  14. Ms. Rose Ann Parsons  sister-in-law of Ms. Lisa Gadsden 
  15. Sister Estelle Pauling 
  16. Mr. Oliver Shaw (Hartford, Conn.)      brother-in-law of Norma Blocker 
  17. Ms. Gail Samuels 
  18. Ms. Ja- Nae Epps 
  19. Mr. David and Ms. Ly Gonzales      McAllen, Texas 
  20. Ms. Rani Gonzales - Virginia Beach, VA  
  21. Rev. Alfreddie Williams 
  22. Mr. Clint Flemming - brother-in-law of Artise Irvin  
  23. Mr. Clinton Rose husband of Mrs. Jennifer Campbell Rose and son-in-law of Trustee Julia Campbell 
  24. Ms. Deborah Moody 
  25. Sister Elaine Dunbar 
  26. Sister Estell Gidron 
  27. Rev. Robert Jeffcoat 
  28. Mrs. Francis Davis mother of Mrs. Patricia Ford 
  29. Mr. Kenneth Johnson nephew of Sister Desiree’ M. Peacock 
  30. Brother Carlton Harris 
  31. Mr. Lamont Johnson brother of Deacon Thomas Johnson 
  32. Mr. Robert Henderson 
  33. Sister Lillian Watson 
  34. Mr. Larry Jacobs, Jr. father of Ms. Alexis Jacobs 
  35. Ms. LaShawn Niles daughter of Shirley Henry  
  36. Deacon Richard Cunningham 
  37. Deacon Rastapari Hailstock 
  38. Sister Doriska Ravenel 
  39. Ms. Beverly Bailey Lyons Jackie Griffin 
  40. Ms. Marchelle Taggert