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Health & Wellness Mission Statement


In keeping with this scriptural mandate, the purpose of the Health and Wellness Center at Brookland Baptist Church is to ensure the physical and spiritual nurturing of those persons who participate in the various programs. We regard the Health and Wellness Center as a vital component that's consistent with the "Master's Plan" of Brookland meeting the total ministry needs of the people it serves.


The Brookland Health and Wellness Center is located on the campus of Brookland Baptist Church and is open to the public.
Brookland Health and Wellness Center
1066 Sunset Blvd. West Columbia, S.C. 29169
Phone: 803-744-7928; Fax: 803-744-7923

Hours Of Operation

Weekly Hours

Monday:  7 am - 9 pm
Tuesday: 7 am - 9 pm
Wednesday: 7 am - 9 pm
Thursday: 7 am - 9 pm
Friday: 7 am - 1 pm
Saturday: 8 am - 1 pm
Sunday: Closed To The Public

Hours of operation are subject to change due to scheduled special events.

The Brookland Health and Wellness Center is a ministry facility of Brookland Baptist Church; therefore the center's schedule is approved through the church office.

Exercise For Life


You've committed to a physical activity routine and you're ready to roll. But after your first week of working out, you're sore all over and think you may have pulled a muscle. What happened?

Many times, people who decide to start working out throw themselves into a fitness routine, overdo it, and hurt themselves. The same thing can happen to "weekend warriors" - those who put off exercising all week and then go overboard trying to cram it all in on the weekend. The result is discouragement and trips to the doctor.


If you're new to physical activity, haven't been active in a long time, or are trying a sport or activity for the first time, it's important to start out slowly and build up your activity gradually so you don't get hurt.

For instance, if you decide to start walking, begin by doing 10 minutes at a time. After a couple of weeks, you can increase your time to 20 minutes and then 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and eventually an hour. To realize health benefits, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking, at least five days a week.

If you're starting a strength-training program, talk to a fitness instructor about how much weight to begin lifting, what exercises to do, and how often. If you're working with weight machines, learn how to use them correctly. Don't work the same muscles two days in a row. Instead, vary your activities daily to work different muscles and keep your routines interesting. Don't forget to warm up with some simple stretches before your routine, or by walking or marching in place.

For aerobic exercise, a good rule of thumb to see if you're working at the right pace is the "talk test." If you can't talk during the activity, you're working too hard. If you can belt out a song, you can pick up the pace.

Another guideline is the 10 percent rule. Don't increase your program (walking distance or amount of weight lifted) by more than 10 percent a week. So if you start out walking a mile, don't go more than an extra one-tenth of a mile, or about two blocks, the following week.

Remember Use Common Sense when you first start exercising. If you want to use the treadmill or exercise bike, start out slow. Start with the lowest setting and gradually build up."


Most healthy adults can start moderate physical activity as soon as they're ready. If you have any of the following conditions, you'll most likely benefit from exercise, but you should talk to your doctor before you begin:

heart problems, chest pains, high blood pressure,  dizziness or balance problems
asthma, bone or joint problems, diabetes
any new, undiagnosed symptom, such as weakness or headaches

Here are some other tips to keep you safe when you're working out:

Warm up and cool down.  Always warm up your body before you begin a workout. If you march in place, move your arms. Then do some stretching for your arms, legs, and back. Repeat the stretches after your workout.

Drink up. If you're planning to exercise for an hour or more, drink more water than you think you need before, during, and after exercise to avoid getting dehydrated. Drinking 10 to 16 ounces of water two hours before your activity will give your body time to get rid of extra liquid and offset fluid lost from sweating. During your first hour of exercise, drink five to 12 ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes. If you exercise more than an hour, make it a sports drink to replace lost carbohydrates and electrolytes. After exercising, drink at least two cups of water for every pound of sweat you lose (weigh yourself before and after your activity).

Listen to your body. People know their bodies better than anyone else does. If you feel something out of proportion to the level of exercise you're doing, step back and evaluate yourself. Note any changes in normal feeling, including:

lightheadedness,  shortness of breath,  sudden severe headache
excess sweating that's out of proportion to your level of exertion
chest, stomach or any other pain  

See a doctor if your symptoms don't go away.

Regular physical activity has many health benefits. You'll build stronger bones and muscles, control your weight, and are able to fight colds and stress better. Work out safely and reap the rewards!

Health & Wellness Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

 1.  Participation in the Health and Wellness Center is open to members of the Brookland Baptist Church Family and their guest as well as the Brookland Community as a whole. (Participants do not have to be a member of the Brookland Baptist Church to become a member of the Health and Wellness Center.)  A responsible adult should accompany children under the age of 15, (Responsible adults are individuals who are 18 years of age or older.) Children, under the age of 15, should remain under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times in all facilities throughout the Health and Wellness Center.

2.  All persons who meet the above requirements are required to complete a registration form. A nominal membership fee will be charged per member and a permanent membership card will be issued. The membership card is required to gain entrance and access to the Health and Wellness Center. All membership cards are the property of the Health and Wellness Center. There will be a $5.00 fee for replacing lost or damaged cards. The membership card serves the following purposes:

a. Identification, especially in case of emergency
b. Security
c. Controlled admittance
d. Equipment checkout

3. Registration by all participants is necessary for safety and information purposes.  All forms for the Health and Wellness Center registration should be updated annually.

4. While not required, the Health and Wellness Center urges all members to obtain a physical examination from their physicians prior to the use of any exercise equipment or attendance in any exercise class in recognition of the possible dangers connected with any physical activity, member (s) hereby knowingly and voluntarily waive any right or cause of action of any kind whatsoever arising as the result of such activity from which any liability may or could accrue to its officers, agents, employees or instructors.

Information Desk

The information desk, located at the main entrance of the Health and Wellness Center, is the welcome and information center for the Health and Wellness Center. Only Authorized Personnel is permitted behind the desk. The Health and Wellness Center staff has the authority to ask patrons to leave for failure to abide by any facility policy.

Fitness Center

1.  Due to the possibility of injury, children under the age of 16 are not permitted in this area.

2. This is a highly specialized area; therefore, participants are required to make a reservation at the activity desk for a fitness center orientation.

3.  Equipment should be properly wiped-down by the participant after it has been used. Cleaning towel dispensers are located on the walls in the fitness center.

4.  Profanity will not be allowed in the Health and Wellness Center.


1. Appropriate clothing (i.e. full-length t-shirts and exercise apparel) and shoes are required at all times. No street shoes or black-soled shoes are allowed on the playing court. The Health and Wellness Center staff must clear any "questionable" shoes.

2. No "dunking" in the basketball goals. "Dunking" is subject to dismissal of the Health and Wellness Center.

Walking Track

Participation on the walking track is open to the community; however, no one under the age of (fifteen)15 is allowed on the track unless accompanied by an adult.

2. Basketballs, volleyballs, or any type of athletic equipment are prohibited on the Walking Track. Anyone shooting at basketball goals from the Walking Track will be subject to dismissal from the Health and Wellness Center.

3. For the preservation of the walking track, all walking and jogging are to be done in one direction. Please take note of signs indicating the directions.

4. Walkers use the inside of the track closest to the rail. Joggers use the outside of the track closer to the wall. As a courtesy to others, please do not walk side by side. Consideration should be given to faster walkers and joggers who want to pass.

5. For safety reasons, sitting or leaning on the rails is prohibited. Basketballs, volleyballs, other athletic equipment, and baby strollers are not allowed on the track.

6. Appropriate shoes are required for the walking track. (See above, Gymnasium #1)

Recreation Equipment

1. Equipment will be checked out and must be used for its intended purpose.

2. Individuals or groups who check out the Health and Wellness Center equipment or property will be financially responsible for equipment that is damaged, lost, destroyed or stolen,

3. Select equipment may be checked out for activities away from the Health and Wellness Center premises, There is a proper protocol for checking out equipment. (i.e. Proper form completion and Health and Wellness Center Director approval)

4. All equipment will be returned to the same place from which it was checked out. Items that are not issued by the Health and Wellness are not allowed in the Health and Wellness Center unless previously approved by the Health and Wellness Center staff.

Locker Rooms

1. Lockers are provided on a daily basis only members are required to bring their own locks, Locks that are left on lockers overnight will be cut off. All personal belongings must be placed in lockers. All items of personal Property brought on the facilities shall be at the sole risk of the member or guest.

2. Towels are available for all members. To receive towels for showers and/or activity, the member must leave your membership card at the information desk. Receipt of the card is returned upon return of the towel to the designed location at the information desk.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items will be located at the Activity Desk. Participants are encouraged to put their names on all personal items so they can be easily identified.

Items Prohibited

1. The following items are not allowed in the Health and Wellness Center:
    • tobacco of any form
    • alcohol beverage
    • controlled substances
    • pets (except for seeing impaired)
    • radios (exception: walkmans are permitted with headphones
    • ANYTHING that would detract from the Christian atmosphere and the purpose of the Health and Wellness Center

2.  Food and drinks will not be allowed in the gymnasium, fitness center, or on the walking track when used for the purpose of the Health and Wellness Center.  Please dispose of chewing gum in its proper place.

3.  Any person(s) fighting, under the influence of drugs or alcohol, in possession of drugs or alcohol, or anything that can be used as a weapon will be suspended indefinitely from the Health and Wellness Center.


1. The use of the Health and Wellness Center and all equipment will be at the risk of the participant.

2. The Health and Wellness Center does not assume liability or responsibility for any participant.

3.  The Health and Wellness Center does not make any express or implied warranty of the premises, the equipment, machinery, fixtures or furniture.

4. The Health and Wellness Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.

Interpretation of Policies

1. The Health and Wellness Center staff is responsible for all interpretation and enforcement of all rules.

2. All reservation, procedures, and problems will be handled through the Health and Wellness Center Staff and/or the Brookland Baptist Church management.

3. Other situations not specifically covered in this list of policies and procedures will be acted upon if and when the need arises at the discretion of the Health and Wellness Center Staff and/or Brookland Baptist Church Staff.