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The Brookland Star June 2020 Edition

6/12/20 | Brookland Star

The Brookland Star June 2020 Edition

Greetings from the Brookland Star Editorial Team!


June 2020 has arrived and due to unforeseen circumstances, we are doing things a little different. “Change is Uncomfortable, but Necessary to Move forward” is a quote often used to motivate new ideas, new ways of doing things, new rules, new stuff… but this change has come to be a teaching tool. The change that we are in during this season is teaching us that life is so valuable, and it is a special gift from God. We must honor that gift and take it more serious and not for granted. This year we have not been able to have church in person at Brookland for the last 3 months, and our celebration of milestones and happy moments have been planned differently. We CANNOT let June 2020 pass us by and not celebrate our graduates. Therefore, as a team, we decided to dedicate the Brookland Star, June 2020 issue to the graduates. In this issue you will find a special letter from Pastor Jackson to the graduates, a recap from the YWE’s about scholarship procedures, a list of Brookland scholarship recipients and the graduates from the Brookland Academy. Let’s celebrate our 2020 graduates, they will become great leaders who have already overcome a major hurdle that they did not see coming. Brookland is proud of you, Go Be Great!