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Young Women of Excellence


 Ministry Purpose -- The Cross (The Cross Connection):

Vertical Connection – Developing a Personal Relationship with Christ – Serving God In Ministry

Horizontal Connection – Reaching out and Serving through yearlong Community Service Activities


Help them to develop a Personal Relationship with God

Encourage them to attend Teen Sunday School, Teen Church and Regular church.

Encourage them to read the Bible by sharing activities to help them to explore and learn the Scriptures by using the Bible and electronics. to develop a meaningful prayer life.

You will have the support of your Titus 2 women also for anything additional resources you may need.


Help them to develop personally, socially and educationally

Personally- Self-Esteem and Leadership- Help them to develop a healthy personal self-image of themselves. Use the theme for the year BE-YOU-TI-FUL!!!!  Let them discover how special they are through Christ and how much GOD loves them so they should love themselves. Also we have a YWE Leadership Team that consists of Leading Ladies that  represent the Young  Women of Excellence Ministry

Socially- Community Service - Help them to learn how to respect others in a Godly way. Help them develop a Spirit of giving back to others through community service events and within their own families and circle of friends. Show how to develop a sense of sisterhood among each other and to love each other as sisters.

Educationally- Academics, Finance and Entrepreneurship –Help them to understand the important of Education in everything that they do  

Academically- Teach them the importance of achieving high grades and being involved in extracurricular activities that correlate with their career goals.

We have an Educational Committee that provides information on career development, college preparedness, scholarships, and shadowing and internship opportunities. 

We also provide a mentorship program for girls in Grades 5-8.

Ministry Goals

To discover the purpose and plan God has for the lives of young women

To develop the ability to overcome obstacles and serve as an inspiration to others

To develop Leadership Characteristics in education, finance and entrepreneurship

To attain a level of achievement to include academics and self-improvement

A Ministry that teaches young ladies to love God, themselves, and others

Titus 2:3-5 paraphrased,  “that the older women should be teachers of beauty, so they can train the younger women”

Coordinators are:
Rose Buds Grade 1-4: Jennifer McConnell and Deaconess Sandra Grant
Girls Growing In Grace Grades 5-8: Deaconess Norma Brown, Dr. Sherry Rivers and Janice Williams
Leading Ladies-Grades 9-12: Deaconess Bernice Breeland, Kira Lawson and Deaconess Pam Davis

 We also have added the following opportunities:

Entrepreneurship Club: Deaconess Norma Brown and Deaconess Sandra Grant
Engineering/STEM Club: Deaconess Bernice Breeland, Janice Williams and Deaconess Pam Davis
Investment Club:  Deaconess Bernice Breeland, Janice Williams and Deaconess Pam Davis
Christian Pageant: Kira Lawson and Tre' Tailor
Oratorical Contest: Sheral Bowman

 Personal Growth and Connection Activities

Mother/ Daughter Seminar

Mother/Daughter Tea

YWE Pageant 

Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection – Deaconess Pam Davis and Deaconess  Bernice Breeland 

Personal and Spiritual Counseling- Sista- to- Sista Program – Older Girls Serve as a Mentor for the younger girls/We will try to pair them with someone at their school.

Community Service

Community Service - Gail Singleton and Kimberly Morris 

Community Service- One requirement for the pageant

Calendar of Events for the Year that the girls can choose from

A part of the Requirement for all levels

Parent Connection

Parent Connection - Bridgette Campbell

Part of the Ministry designed to connect parents with other parents to share their concerns and to give encouragement to each other.  

Parents will meet during the girl’s sessions and other events planned especially for them.

Partner with the Parent University to plan activities such as what every parent needs to know.

They will be able to network and share with others.

Officer Leadership Team

Officer Leadership Team – Deaconess Norma Brown

This team is a part of the Steering committee and helps with the decision making aspect of the YWE Ministry.

Career Counseling

Career Counseling, Post Secondary  Preparations and Scholarships - Karen Stevens 

Shadowing, Internship and part - time employment

Post Secondary preparations - Scholarship information

mentoring program

Girls Growing In Grace Only ( Grades 5-8) – Dr. Sherry Rivers and Linda Coultre

The Girls Growing In Grace girls are connected with mentors for one year.


Rose Buds- Grades 1-4- Advisor are: Ms. Jennifer McConnell and Deaconess SANDRA GRANT
Girls Growing In Grace- Grades 5-8- Advisors are: Ms. Janice Williams, Dr. Sherry Rivers, Deaconess Norma Brown
Leading Ladies-Grades 9-12- Advisors - Deaconess Bernice Breeland, Ms Kira Lawson and Deaconess Pam Davis. 


Director - Deaconess Norma Brown
Co-Director - Dr. Sherry Rivers
Administrative Assistant - Deaconess Bernice Breeland
Assistant Administrative Assistant - Ms. Janice Williams
Treasurer - Dr. Sherry Rivers
Parliamentarian - Deaconess Pam Davis
Public Relations - Ms. Jennifer McConnell
Hospitality/Membership - Deaconess Sandra Grant and Mrs. Kira Lawson
Youth Advisors - Mrs. Kira Lawson and Ms. Aisha Griffin


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 Volunteer Opportunities

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 Upcoming Activities

Upcoming Activities

Body/ My Body is a Temple Workshop, Saturday, Oct. 8th (10am - 12pm) Teen Center (CLC)

 Education Workshop, Saturday, November 12th  (10am - 12p) Teen Center (CLC)

Mind/Finance Workshop, Saturday, February 25th (10am - 12pm) Teen Center (CLC)

Oratorical Contest, Saturday, March 25th (2pm) Teen Center (CLC)