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The Brookland Star December 2020 Edition

12/1/20 | Brookland Star

“December” 2020 is here! As we look back on the year of 2020, we can still say in spite of everything, we still have JOY! In this issue you will find a letter from Pastor Jackson to the members and he talks about a sermon he preached-...

The Brookland Star November 2020 Edition

10/30/20 | Brookland Star

It’s November, what a year this has been. In this special edition of the Brookland Star, we celebrate National Inspirational Role Models Month. Inside you will find the Pastors Pen, written by our Assistant Pastor, Dr. James Jamison on Why...

The Brookland Star October 2020 Edition

10/2/20 | Brookland Star

It’s October and its Breast Cancer Awareness Month! In this special edition of the Brookland Star, you will also find news about the re-openings at Brookland. The Brookland Academy, the Brookland Café Lunch Buffet and The Brookland Food Bank...

The Brookland Star September 2020 Edition

9/12/20 | Brookland Star

In this special edition, we talk about voting and why it is important to us, especially this year. We celebrate the Brookland Academy re-opening, Birthdays and the special announcement about the upcoming Pastor Appreciation Day at Brookland...

The Brookland Star June 2020 Edition

6/12/20 | Brookland Star

Greetings from the Brookland Star Editorial Team! June 2020 has arrived and due to unforeseen circumstances, we are doing things a little different. “Change is Uncomfortable, but Necessary to Move forward” is a quote often used to motivate new...